Xavier ARNAUDO is a French citizen with more than 20 years in the financial industry. Xavier started his career in Hong Kong in 1997. He first came to Japan in 1999 before pursuing roles in New York (in 2001), in London (in 2003), in Tokyo and Hong Kong again. Most recently, he was in charge of prime brokerage and equity finance sales at BNP Paribas. In 2014 he joined Evolution Financial group in Tokyo to help launch impact investment products and initiatives. In the summer of 2015, he founded C4 Capital for New Commons, a non-profit impact investment advisory platform, whose mission is to build a social investment marketplace in Japan by empowering purpose-driven organizations and investors to drive impact and create value through innovative finance. C4 Capital’s goal is to mainstream impact investing by designing multi-capital solutions for collective impact across the social finance value chain (venture philanthropy, impact investment, CSR and shared value, private and public).

Xavier Arnaudo graduated with a master in finance and economics from the institute of political studies (IEP Paris) and a Law degree from the Sorbonne University. He also attended multiple executive education program in Oxford University, Harvard Business School and INSEAD. He also has professional certifications in Hong Kong (SFC license), Japan (JSDA type 1 and 2 License) and in the US and the UK.



With over a third of his life spent outside Japan in Singapore and United States, Takahiro has always had interest in understanding the virtues of Japan and how it could contribute to the international community. Having the experiences of attending in international conferences, starting up an educational non-profit and working in a multi-national manufacturing conglomerate, Takahiro joined C4 in 2016 to design community engagement programs enabling like-minded individuals and organizations to influence positive social change through collective impact.

As director of C4, Taka is dedicated to bringing together a wide group of people and organizations whose collaboration is key to grow the social sector in Japan. Taka is hopeful that, by leveraging innovative finance tools and platforms designed to empower communities, Japan can create a forward looking growth model working across generational, geographical and cultural differences that maximizes inclusive and sustainable value creation for society.