C4 Mottainai Index

The C4 Mottainai Index project is a research project designed to create innovative, performance-based and SDG aligned sectorial ESG benchmarks tracking how Japanese listed companies create long-term and inclusive value by embedding sustainability in their business model transformation.


  • There is growing interest in Japan for ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and social impact investment
  • There is growing private sector involvement and interest to mobilize corporate assets to meet the UN sustainable development goals
  • There is a growing imperative for Japan Inc. to engineer a corporate governance revolution to sustain competitiveness and future value creation
  • There is a growing need for innovative corporate sustainability performance benchmarks and ESG ratings adapted to the Japanese business context


  • Design a new breed of corporate sustainability performance benchmarks linking corporate value creation and SDG innovation
  • To align companies and financial market participants incentives to embrace inclusive, efficient and sustainable capital market solutions
  • To pioneer the next iteration of ESG investing
  • To widen the scope of impact investing to public equities through the SDG lens
  • To mobilize the financial sector to drive innovation for the SDGs


  • Corporate sustainability performance rankings
  • ETF and tracker product
  • Stocks baskets
  • ESG investments


Shihoyoshi Bond

The Shihoyoshi Bond program is an innovative type of debt finance instrument designed to mobilize private capital to support regional revitalization and community development in Japan


  • Provide a scalable, customizable and sustainable funding template for community impact investments
  • Promote social innovation and support the growth of the social sector in Japan by bridging existing funding and market gaps
  • Provide access to finance and early stage funding to local entrepreneurs
  • Empower local communities and promote regional revitalization by harnessing the power of capital markets

*The above tis he designing of an impact investing scheme and is not intended for a solicitation or an offer to buy or sell any financial instrument.